Best Youth Baseball Gloves For the NEW Season

If you are a parent shopping around for one of the best youth baseball gloves for the new season, then you know how frustrating it can be to choose between so many. It’s not easy dwindling down a list of a top 20, or even a top 10.

Enter our expert analysis on all youth baseball gear!

This will be a top 3 list that will knock your socks off! Have you ever thought about trying and testing all the gloves for youth players? Seems like a lot of wasted time there!

Well, not for us. We tried, tested and took detailed notes on which youth gloves are actually best.

Things we took into consideration:

We actually wrote a great post about what goes into a top baseball glove. But, we’ll give you the cliff notes here:

  • Webbing
  • Padding
  • Leather
  • Brand
  • Hand Room / Size / Fit
  • Fielding Grounders
  • Fielding Pop Flys
  • Catching Line Drives
  • Ease of exchanging ball from glove to hand

We’ve been around baseball a long time, so we know exactly how to test these gloves. All are priced great, and won’t break your bank. Plus, you have to think of this purchase as a 1-2 year investment. Most likely, your kid will grow out of it (depending on his / her age) within that 1-2 year span. You will now know which mitt is the best youth baseball glove with reviews for your little ball player!

Are You Ready?

Top 3 Best Youth Baseball Gloves THIS SEASON

Here are the top gloves we recommend to any youth player. We’ll give you the best infield, outfield and catcher’s glove.

Best Youth Infield Glove

Mizuno Prospect PowerClose Youth Baseball Glove Series

First of all, this youth infield glove is super easy to break in. Second, there are plenty of size options, including a 10” size, which is great for players under 6 years old. Lastly, Mizuno is one of the top brands that we love. They make great gloves for adults and youth players. This glove had great padding and room for the hand. Fielding ground balls will never be easier with this mitt.

Want to know the fundamentals of fielding ground balls? Here’s a great teaching tool below:

Best Youth Outfield Glove

Rawlings R9 Youth Baseball Glove Series

Rawlings is another one of our favorite baseball glove brands. The R9 is great for outfielders because of its size. We found that fielding pop flys, line drives and ground balls in the outfield grass was super friendly, compared to the rest of the competition. It is also very easy to exchange the ball from glove to hand, so you can get rid of it faster and throw runners out from the outfield.

For more instruction on how to catch pop flys, check out this video below:

Best Youth Catcher’s Glove

Mizuno Prospect GXC105 Youth Catcher’s Mitt

After testing a bunch of catcher’s gloves (which you absolutely have to), this one was by far the most padded and easiest to break in. Sometimes pitchers throw very hard and that can cause pain for a young kids hand. If you don’t have the proper mitt behind the plate, you’re looking at a few doctor office visits in your near future. Invest in a good one and we recommend the Mizuno Prospect GX105 for youth catchers.


As we said before, it’s very hard to narrow your search down for any position glove. Well, that time is now back on your side as we revealed what we believe are the best youth baseball gloves for your new season! Good luck and PLAY BALL!

Top Baseball Mitts Infielders Outfielders Catchers

What Goes into Top Baseball Gloves?

If you’re a baseball player, you already know that fielding is one of the most important aspects of the game. You should also know that having the very best baseball gloves, brands and materials will help you make the plays you need to make during the course of a game. Make no mistake about it, we will help you choose one that works best for you. However, first and foremost, we need to highlight what makes a glove so good? Why should you choose this type of leather over the other? And, of course, what glove will work best for me?

There is no denying that baseball is our favorite America’s past time. For years our society has benefited from this great game. We have found hero’s, role models, friends, fans, legends and entertainment all through baseball. It is finally time to sit back and enjoy those moments we had as kids and reflect back on the past. It isn’t easy selecting the best athletic equipment. It’s time to reveal why certain pieces of equipment really do help players make plays.

What Type of Technology Has Improved?

Technology over the past few decades has changed drastically. From wooden bats and palm leather gloves, to one piece, lightweight, padded bats and gloves – this game has changed for the better. Better technology equals better performance. And, in this game, you need to perform at your very best every time you step on the diamond. Coaches and players will tell you, if you aren’t making plays, you’re butt goes on the bench.

If that doesn’t fire you up to start thinking about getting the right equipment, then we don’t know what does! Let us all gather around for a special party revealing moment of what makes a great glove.


The type of leather makes a huge difference for many reasons. Yes, you want padding on your palm, but that isn’t the most important reason. Good leather lasts for a very long time. Great leather allows you to make the glove fit your hand, almost like it’s an extra extension. You can break it in perfectly. It will never go flimsy on you and you can end up calling it “Mr. Reliable.”


Oh the webbing! It makes the glove, in our opinion! The right type of webbing will always give you the perfect opportunity to make the play. The wrong type of webbing? It could end up giving you nightmares about being so close to winning that championship. Don’t make a huge mistake and get the wrong webbing. Buy the right brands, get the best technology and snag your way up to a conference title.


The size of your glove should be in direct ratio to the position you play and the size of your hand. It all depends where you’re playing on the field. If you’re an outfielder, for example, you’ll need a slightly bigger mitt so you can cover more ground. You’ll also be snagging more fly balls and not fielding as many ground balls as an infielder would. For infielders, you’ll need a smaller glove so you can pick those grounders clean, exchange it to your throwing hand, and quickly release it to first base.

For more information, here’s an excellent video to show you some of the best gloves out there:

Selecting The Best Athletic Equipment

sports shoes

The world of sports is a fierce competition. The more popular a sport is, the more competitive it will get.

Professional athletes that earn millions of dollars will always be appealing to young amateur athletes and their parents. For this reason, these types of athletics become extremely competitive given the nature of potential money earned.

When the stakes become higher, the pressure rises to the sky. The last thing an athlete wants is for a piece of equipment to fail them at the prime time moments during the competition.

For example, a professional baseball player needs a bat, glove and cleats that he can count on when the game is on the line. It’s important that ball players and their parents get the best baseball equipment reviews and guides from credible baseball sources.

selecting equipment

Choosing The Best Brands

There are so many great sports brands out there that create sports equipment. In reality though, there are specific brands for specific sports.

Don’t get us wrong, there are the major players in almost all sports such as Nike, Adidas and Under Armour. However, when you are doing your research on top brands, find out which brands are made for those sports.

A prime example of this is the sport of Ice Hockey. Bauer is one of the leading brands in hockey along with Easton who creates really good hockey sticks.

In golf, there is Titleist, Cobra, Taylor Made, and Callaway. We don’t mean to leave out all of the best brands, so if you don’t see the brand you love on this list, please do not get offended.

The point is, there are different brands for different sports. In addition to that, these brands really focus in on these sport, making them a top contender for sports equipment production.

Sometimes it’s in your best interest to trust these sport specific brands instead of the mega sports brands. Think about it this way, they have more time and resources to hone in on making their products better than the big-time brands.

Would you rather your hockey skates be made by Nike or Bauer? If you’re not a hockey player, we’ll give you the easy answer…. Bauer.


First off, Bauer is a trusted brand in hockey. Second, they have been doing it far longer than Nike and they focus heavy on it. Lastly, they have the best players in the world using their equipment. So, why else would you choose something different?

Taking Advice From Credible Sources

You should always start with credible sources for their chosen sport. This way, you can find out what really is the best equipment.


Questions to ask when researching:

Have they done it before?

Did this person use the equipment?

If not, did they ask top players in that sport that did use the piece of equipment?

How many others listen to this opinion?

All of these questions are incredibly important to ask when searching for great products. You should also always consider that whatever you are looking for, you need to find something that you can count on in pressure situations

Professional Athletes

What are the best athletes in the world using? One of the best questions to ask yourself and to go seek that answer out.

You can easily check it out by watching the games on TV, or highlights on YouTube. Pause the video and see what they are using.

If it’s a professional cycling sport, watch the Tour De France, pause it and see what types of bicycles, wheels, handle bars, peddles and sports clothing those athletes are using.

Remember, these are the best in the world at what they do. That means if they are making money at it, you best believe they will be using top quality equipment. They can’t afford to have something go wrong at an opportune time.

What Will You Do?

Will you take our advice? We’ve been helping athletes for a very long time trying to get the edge over their competition. There’s nothing like seeing success stories over and over again. Readers from our blog constantly are telling us how much they are thankful for information like this.

We also recommend top sellers on certain platforms, offer deals and provide World Class services for athletes World Wide.

Contact us today to learn more!

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