Best Youth Baseball Gloves For the NEW Season

If you are a parent shopping around for one of the best youth baseball gloves for the new season, then you know how frustrating it can be to choose between so many. It’s not easy dwindling down a list of a top 20, or even a top 10.

Enter our expert analysis on all youth baseball gear!

This will be a top 3 list that will knock your socks off! Have you ever thought about trying and testing all the gloves for youth players? Seems like a lot of wasted time there!

Well, not for us. We tried, tested and took detailed notes on which youth gloves are actually best.

Things we took into consideration:

We actually wrote a great post about what goes into a top baseball glove. But, we’ll give you the cliff notes here:

  • Webbing
  • Padding
  • Leather
  • Brand
  • Hand Room / Size / Fit
  • Fielding Grounders
  • Fielding Pop Flys
  • Catching Line Drives
  • Ease of exchanging ball from glove to hand

We’ve been around baseball a long time, so we know exactly how to test these gloves. All are priced great, and won’t break your bank. Plus, you have to think of this purchase as a 1-2 year investment. Most likely, your kid will grow out of it (depending on his / her age) within that 1-2 year span. You will now know which mitt is the best youth baseball glove with reviews for your little ball player!

Are You Ready?

Top 3 Best Youth Baseball Gloves THIS SEASON

Here are the top gloves we recommend to any youth player. We’ll give you the best infield, outfield and catcher’s glove.

Best Youth Infield Glove

Mizuno Prospect PowerClose Youth Baseball Glove Series

First of all, this youth infield glove is super easy to break in. Second, there are plenty of size options, including a 10” size, which is great for players under 6 years old. Lastly, Mizuno is one of the top brands that we love. They make great gloves for adults and youth players. This glove had great padding and room for the hand. Fielding ground balls will never be easier with this mitt.

Want to know the fundamentals of fielding ground balls? Here’s a great teaching tool below:

Best Youth Outfield Glove

Rawlings R9 Youth Baseball Glove Series

Rawlings is another one of our favorite baseball glove brands. The R9 is great for outfielders because of its size. We found that fielding pop flys, line drives and ground balls in the outfield grass was super friendly, compared to the rest of the competition. It is also very easy to exchange the ball from glove to hand, so you can get rid of it faster and throw runners out from the outfield.

For more instruction on how to catch pop flys, check out this video below:

Best Youth Catcher’s Glove

Mizuno Prospect GXC105 Youth Catcher’s Mitt

After testing a bunch of catcher’s gloves (which you absolutely have to), this one was by far the most padded and easiest to break in. Sometimes pitchers throw very hard and that can cause pain for a young kids hand. If you don’t have the proper mitt behind the plate, you’re looking at a few doctor office visits in your near future. Invest in a good one and we recommend the Mizuno Prospect GX105 for youth catchers.


As we said before, it’s very hard to narrow your search down for any position glove. Well, that time is now back on your side as we revealed what we believe are the best youth baseball gloves for your new season! Good luck and PLAY BALL!